A clean oven brings many benefits

Cleaning the oven can be a challenging task, but there are many benefits which make it worth your while. Reduced energy bills are an excellent incentive to remove built up residues and grease, as well as improved taste of food cooked in a clean oven.

Food tastes better

A clean oven retains heat much more efficiently, and heat is evenly distributed. This means food is cooked more evenly throughout, therefore tastes better when cooked in a clean oven.

Saves you money

When an oven is clean both inside and out, it will reach the desired temperature more quickly and using less energy. This will save you money on energy bills every time you use the oven. When the oven door is covered in grease, people often open the door to check whether their food is ready. This releases heat, so your oven uses more energy to get back to the original temperature and food takes longer to cook. Therefore simply cleaning the oven doors can save you money, as all you have to do is look through the door to check on your food.

Potential Health Risks

Recent studies have suggested some burnt or charred foods, particularly meat and fish, could contain cancer causing compounds. Once burnt on to the insides of the oven, these compounds could end up being transferred onto your food.

Prevents fires

A dirty oven can be a potential fire risk, as burnt on food can produce a lot of smoke when left to build up over time. Grease and dirt can build up within the internal fan, also increasing the risk of fire. The easiest way of decreasing fire risk in your oven is to keep your oven as clean as possible on a daily basis. Wipe up any spillages soon after they occur, try not to overfill pots and trays, or put down foil to catch debris falling to the bottom of the oven.

If it is too late for these preventative measures, contact Bright 'n' Shiny on 01273 245385 for a professional deep clean for your oven that will leave your oven sparkling clean and most importantly safe to use straight after we are finished.

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