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We are a fully trained professional oven cleaning service based in Brighton, East Sussex, providing a quick and convenient service in Brighton and the surrounding areas. We clean ovens, ranges, AGAs, hobs, extractor hoods and grills, for any other enquiries please feel free to contact us as deep cleaning is our speciality. One of our core values is to provide quality oven cleaning at reasonable rates, as it is important to us that the customer feels they have received an excellent quality service at good value for money.

We offer a polite and friendly service, and aim to cause as little disruption in your home as possible while we work. Corrosive chemicals in cleaning products available in supermarkets often leave your oven full of fumes, which of course affects when you can use your oven, and the taste of your food. We don't bring any nasty chemicals into your home, so you are guaranteed no chemical fumes and can use your oven straight after cleaning.

Having your oven cleaned professionally may seem costly at first, but compare this to spending hundreds of pounds on a whole new appliance. Our oven cleaners can reach those areas you never can, removing all traces of grease and carbon build-up from your oven, hob or AGA. Maintaining a clean oven means your oven heats up more quickly, saving you money on electricity or gas, as well as reducing the fire risk of food remnants catching light in your oven. It is a well known fact that food tastes better when cooked in a clean oven, so why let your greasy oven ruin your mealtimes? Let us help get your oven looking bright, shiny and good as new.

About Bright 'n' Shiny Oven Cleaners

Based in Brighton we're raring to go on cleaning your oven or cooker. We cover all of Brighton and Hove as well as nearby towns like Southwick, Portslade, Hove, Shoreham-on-Sea, Lancing, Worthing, Saltdean


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